MESSY TACTICIAN/MY UNIT HOODIES VERSION 1.0! Have you ever wanted to support the fell dragon? Felt like you just don’t fit in with Ylisseans? Got a thing for Plegians? See grids on surfaces everywhere you look? If you answered yes to any of those, well, I’ve got the perfect hoodie for you! 

I’m thinking about making these a commissionable thing? I’ll probably pick up the fabrics for the prototype soon… so hopefully, if all goes well, these will be a real thing people can get so you can all live out your sweet, strategic lives in style.

Would you guys be interested in other wearable Fire Emblem Awakening-inspired designs?


a little belated for Owain’s birthday hahaha but i’ve drawn my FE:a Owain family (its Frederick+Lissa in this gameplay)! …and went on to add a comic. ; u ;.

I’m sorry if the flow is weird, been too long since i drew a comic! It was cut up for posting here, you can view this for the original layout : (uwu i.. have no idea how to upload this in it’s original size! ; u ;)

(via mag-gician)